About Us

Designed by the industry for the industry

Titan Motor Factors Limited was formed by experienced motor factor managers and trade professionals with decades of combined experience. The aim was to replicate the strengths from past experiences and to address weaknesses and improve in these areas to create a new dimension in Motor Factor parts supply.

Our Philosophy

Titan’s philosophy is, and has always been an emphasis in offering a personal approach with high levels of customer service to build first-class customer relationships.

Employee Ownership

Titan Motor factors is the first employee-owned motor factor in the UK, allowing everyone within the business to have a meaningful stake in it and share in the success and wealth they create.

Employee ownership is proven to work. Employee owned businesses are characterised by high productivity, greater levels of innovation and higher resilience to economic turbulence.


Titan have invested heavily in developing a simplified online catalogue solution. Finding the right parts for your vehicle quickly and easily is the main objective. With too many options and extra information that is simply not required Titan are constantly sreamlining their data to deliver your parts information in a format that takes away the hard work of finding the right part, first time.

24/7 Online ordering
30,000 sq ft Warehousing facilities
£4.5 Million in stock

We had the opportunity to reinvent the way the Motor Factor works, so we did.

Titan Motor Factors.

Supplying some of the biggest brands in Europe.